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Welcome to the website of the Truro Volunteer Fire Brigade (TVFB). In the winter of 1867, a meeting was held to form a fire brigade in the town. As a result of that meeting, a volunteer fire service known as the Truro Fire Brigade was formed in 1868. Since its inception, the TVFB has continued to provide fire protection services to the residents of the town of Truro, Nova Scotia and surroundings. From horse-drawn hand pumpers to a 1919 La France and beyond, the past century and a half have been eventful, to say the least.

The Truro Fire Brigade has been providing fire fighting services on a continual basis for over 149 years. Present and past members of the Brigade are extremely proud of our history and the fact that so many members of our town have over the years dedicated their free time to protecting our beautiful community.

The Truro founding fathers recognized early the importance that a water supply system was essential in providing a high quality fire protection to its citizens. In 1876, the first hydrants were installed on the streets of Truro. Now every town owned road is equipped with fire hydrants.

Providing fire protection services within the town is a combined effort between the volunteers of the Brigade and the fulltime career staff. In April of 2001, the Town adopted the title of the Truro Fire Service. This service serves and protects the citizens of Truro from the dangers of fire. The Truro Fire Service also provides fire prevention education and inspection services in addition to fire protection.

We, the members of the Brigade, invite you to search our website to learn more about the excellent work done by our volunteers over the years. For information on potentially becoming a member of our organization please see the Volunteer Recruitment Page.


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